Abortion & COVID-19: June Update

As the pandemic has continued to spread globally, what is the current state of abortion care in the U.S.?

How has COVID-19 impacted patient experiences? Here are a few more first hand accounts of accessing abortion care during the last 3 months

(Disclaimer: These stories do not represent the challenges of all of those who have tried to access care during this time. It is of value and importance to recognize that marginalized communities, including people of color and queer folks face additional challenges and barriers to accessing care that might not be represented in these stories.)

At the start of the pandemic we saw many states enact restrictions on abortion care and access. What’s the status of those restrictions now?

What has the anti-choice strategy been during the COVID-19 pandemic?

How the Anti-Abortion Movement Repackaged Its Strategy for a Pandemic 4/27/2020 | Rewire News

What does public opinion have to say about abortion restrictions during COVID-19?

Americans Don’t Want Politicians Using COVID-19 to Attack Abortion 5/21/2020 | Ms. Magazine

What changes in abortion care might (or should) come out of the COVID-19 pandemic?

FDA Should Lift Abortion Pill Restrictions, Says Former Agency Head 4/27/2020 | Vice

How have Trump’s anti-abortion policies impacted the pandemic?

Trump’s Anti-Abortion Policies Are Hurting Coronavirus Vaccine Research 5/12/2020 | Vice

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