About the Abortion Library

At the Abortion Library, we aim to do two things:

1) keep you up-to-date on abortion news as it happens, and
2) contextualize that news with blog posts that go deeper on abortion-related topics.

We focus on any topic intersecting abortion, including social, political, medical, ethical, and legal dimensions of the phenomenon in our society. You will find a combination of online journalism, popular/lay press articles, Op-eds, and links to other media including podcasts, films, and documentaries.

Our Perspective

Abortion can sometimes be a complex decision for the people contemplating it, and a complex practice for the clinicians providing abortion care. However, we believe unequivocally that abortion access is a social and moral good: a human right grounded in reproductive justice that is necessary for gender equity. The Abortion Library was developed by a doctor who provides abortions, and many of the curators of the site are clinicians as well. Our goal is to cultivate and elevate resources that explain the reasons why we do this work; to elevate the voices of the 1 in 4 women in the US who have abortions and their varied experiences; to provide a reading and viewing list for those interested in learning about abortion care from those living it; and most of all, to understand the phenomenon beyond the inflammatory rhetoric that threatens to consume us all in this conversation.

What you can expect

There are many excellent resources with information about abortion that we have collected over the years, not to mention important news stories, perspective pieces, movies, and more being created every day. Google is great, but it’s also undigestible; you can expect us to do the searching and categorizing for you, so you can find what you want to read quickly, or just browse for something interesting. We collect the most honest, engaging, illuminating, educational, and thought-provoking pieces here, with perspectives about why those pieces are worth spending your time on.

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