Abortion & COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to peak in the United States, “flattening the curve” has become the new watchword of our society. We are looking for any way to limit physical contact between individuals, and closing down all but the “essential” services. Doctor’s offices and other healthcare facilities are cancelling some types of visits, rescheduling others, and scrambling to learn to use telemedicine for as many as possible.

The Surgeon General recommended that ‘elective’ surgeries be cancelled and postponed at least for several weeks, and many hospitals are doing this indefinitely. This step is important in preserving hospital resources (particularly hospital beds), and in reducing foot traffic in and out of the hospital to reduce the spread of the disease. But abortion is not “elective” (more discussion below!).

Abortion is essential healthcare, and is continuing amidst the chaos with the full support of the medical community, public health officials, and (most) politicians. Still, some are willing to use this pandemic as another excuse to close abortion clinics.

From the National Abortion Federation:

Abortion care is a time-sensitive service that cannot be significantly deferred without profound consequences for women and their families. Abortion is provided for almost one in five pregnancies in the United States, as part of the continuum of pregnancy care. It is an essential health service. An individual and family decide to end a pregnancy for a complex constellation of reasons that include the impact of pregnancy and birth on their health, ability to work, and strained economic circumstances. These are conditions that do not go away—and are likely heightened—in pandemic conditions. Denying or deferring abortion care places an immediate burden on patients, their families, and the health system, and can have profound and lasting consequences. Patients presenting for time-sensitive care, including abortion care, need timely access to treatment, even during this pandemic.

National Abortion Federation’s Statement on Abortion Provision during COVID-19 Pandemic

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