Abortion is for Everyone

Shout Your Abortion

I believe unconditionally in the right of people with uteruses to decide what grows inside of their body and feeds on their blood and endangers their life and reroutes their future. There are no ‘good’ abortions and ‘bad’ abortions, there are only pregnant people who want them and pregnant people who don’t, pregnant people who have access and support and pregnant people who face institutional roadblocks and lies.

Lindy West

With all the public rhetoric around abortion in the United States, there are often misconceptions about who is accessing abortion care and who abortion care is meant to serve. The bottom line is that anyone with a uterus might at some point need/want an abortion. 1 out of 4 women in the United States will have an abortion by the time they reach age 45. The data shows that people of all gender, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds access this care.

Below are a few resources that illustrate who really is getting abortions–and it’s not who you think. We have all likely absorbed some stereotypes about the ‘typical’ person getting an abortion. Here are a few resources to help broaden that definition and understand in a more data-driven, holistic way how varied the people getting an abortion truly are.

For the data

For your commute to work:

Stars who have had abortions — they’re just like us

Check out online postings — and even an entire book — of people’s abortion stories

If you are more of a visual learner:

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