Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Graphic by Ramiro Ferrando

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) are nonprofit organizations whose mission is to persuade pregnant people not to have abortions. These centers are usually run by socially conservative religious organizations and are deceptively set up to look like abortion clinics and marketed vaguely as pregnancy resource centers. They also often locate themselves in close proximity to abortion clinics. Consequently, patients frequently go to CPCs with the intention of accessing abortion care and instead are met with counselors trying to convince them to continue their pregnancies. These anti-abortion counselors use numerous methods to convince people not to get abortions, including unrealistic and gory videos of abortion procedures as well as ultrasounds with quotes such as “Hi, Mom!” written on them [1, 2]. In addition to using coercive methods, CPCs often spread misinformation regarding the physical and mental health risks of abortion, contraceptive efficacy, and sexually transmitted infections [3]. 

While some of these centers have some health professionals on staff, most do not and only offer minimal medical services, such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and occasionally sexually transmitted infection testing (but typically no treatment options). Despite the lack of medical care available at CPCs, they are increasingly receiving federal funding, particularly under the Trump administration [4]. Aided by this funding, these clinics have been spreading as anti-abortion sentiment has increased. As we know, abortion clinics, on the other hand, receive no federal funding as a result of the Hyde Amendment. To date, CPCs currently far outnumber abortion clinics [5].

What are Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

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Understanding the differences between abortion clinics and CPCs

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What does it feel like to be a patient at a CPC?

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And, of course, the public health implications of CPCs

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