How do abortions actually work?

When abortion is made safe, legal, and accessible, it is a low risk and simple medical procedure. Early in pregnancy, people who seek abortions can do so surgically, with a procedure called a vacuum aspiration (also commonly known as a Dilation and Curettage or “D&C”), or can do so medically with a two-step medication regimen taken in the office and at home. Second trimester abortions, up to 24 weeks, are usually performed surgically using a procedure called Dilation and Evacuation (D&E). Procedures occurring later in pregnancy are very rare and usually are the result of fetal anomalies. Unfortunately, due to false information and terminology regarding abortion in the media and political sphere, many people have difficulty understanding the medical realities of abortion care. Here are a couple resources that portray a realistic image of abortion care.

To get a quick, 3 minute overview :

Having trouble imagining what an abortion clinic or procedure room looks like?

For medical expertise on induced abortions:

Not sure how people decide between a medical abortion and surgical abortion? Check out this side by side comparison of

Heard some confusing information about medical abortion? Clear that up here:

Looking for something to watch?:

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