President Biden and Abortion

As we watched Trump’s presidency come to an end and President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris become our president and vice president, it’s important to ask ourselves “what’s next?” in the world of abortion care. We will keep this page updated with President Biden’s actions related to abortion care and access.

The Global Gag Rule – aka the Mexico City Policy

The “global gag rule” is actually a Presidential executive order that dates back to Ronald Reagan. It bans U.S. funding to any organization abroad that refers for abortion or even discusses abortion as an option (even if that option is legal in the country in which the organization is working). This rule has been enacted by every Republican president since Ronald Reagan, and rescinded by every Democratic president. Since it applies to a vast array of different aid organizations across the globe, it has been shown to aid agencies and their beneficiaries in many ways. Ironically, it has also been shown to increase the abortion rate.

President Biden is Catholic AND supports abortion access, just like many other Americans

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