Abortion providers sue Texas governor over ban on procedure during coronavirus crisis

Jessie Hellman
March 25, 2020

Ohio’s Attorney General, David Yost, says that they received complaints about several abortion clinics (from Ohio Right to Life; see the NYTimes article above) because they are providing abortion care that is ‘nonessential.’ It is unclear at this point whether they will comply with the order, which takes effect Wednesday 3/25/2020. And Texas has, by executive order of their Attorney General Ken Paxton, banned abortion except if the woman’s life is in danger. While most Texas clinics have stopped providing abortions since this order went into effect, abortion providers in Texas filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, March 25, against Gov. Greg Abbott challenging this abortion ban. (Side note: it is impossible for a doctor to determine at what point exactly the Attorney General–in his learned medical opinion–considers a woman’s life to be in danger. How close to death does she need to be? Days? Hours? Minutes?)

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