What actually happens when you have an abortion

Here’s what actually happens when you have an abortion IFL Science This video, made by AsapSCIENCE provides a brief, yet informative, overview of the types of abortion procedures available, their relative safety, and how they are performed. This video is fantastic as a primer, but there are several points we should clarify that aren’t totally correct any more: Medical abortion is effective (and FDA-approved) up to 70 days of pregnancy, which is 10 weeks gestational age. (The video says 49 days, which used to be true up until 2016.) Unlike the video says, a ‘curette’ is not actually used in a pregnancy-related D&C procedure (1:11 mark). This is an outdated means of performing an abortion or removing miscarriage tissue, and carries a higher rate of complications. In modern-day surgical abortion, there is no ‘curette’ used (only a suction cannula), and there is no “scraping” the uterus as patients often ask.

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