#YouKnowMe: Celebrities and Politicians Share their Stories

In recent years abortion storytelling has become a method of destigmatizing abortion through movements such as Shout Your AbortionWe Testify, the 1 in 3 campaign, the Abortion Diary podcast, and many others. As abortion restrictions have increasingly threatened people’s access to reproductive care, public figures have also joined in and shared their own stories. See our post on abortion storytelling for more information about this effort to destigmatize abortion.

Politicians Share their Stories:

  • The Hardest Speech

    Time.com | Charlotte Alter

    As lawmakers have seen increasing numbers of bills restricting abortion access, many have been chosen to speak out about their own experiences with abortion care. This article highlights some of those stories and discusses the serious risks many of these leaders took in sharing their stories.

  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal: The Story of My Abortion

    Nytimes.com | Pramila Jayapal | June 13, 2019

    Washington state representative Pramila Jayapal shared her story of choosing to have an abortion in a NY Times op-ed in response to increasing restrictions on abortion access.

Where did #YouKnowMe come from?

  • #YouKnowMe: why women are sharing their abortion stories

    vox.com | Catherine Kim | May 17, 2019

    In 2019, following the restrictive bans passed by Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, and many other states, a movement using the hashtag “YouKnowMe” began trending, encouraging public figures to share their abortion experiences in an effort to destigmatize abortion.

  • Thousands of Women Have Shared Abortion Stories With #YouKnowMe. She Was First.

    Nytimes.com | Valeriya Safronova | May 15, 2019

    In this NY Times interview, Busy Phillips discusses her motivations for sharing her story and starting #YouKnowMe, suggesting that abortion storytelling destigmatizes this care and calling for men to be allies in the battle for adequate access to reproductive care.

The 2019 influx of abortion storytelling after #YouKnowMe:

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